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WOOF: Survival Scenarios with Jessie Krebs

  • 30 Apr 2023
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • online


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WOOF: Women Outdoors Online Funtimes

Join us for 

"Survival Scenarios
with Jessie Krebs"


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Every survival experience is different.  The people involved must balance and prioritize many factors and needs to optimize their odds of success.  In this session, we’ll look at one or more survival events and discuss what other actions could have been taken to improve it, get out of it sooner, or prevent it altogether.  We’ll also take a brief gander at the five basic needs of a survivor which is the foundation for understanding and functioning during a survival situation.  Hope to see you there!

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About Jessie:

A former USAF S.E.R.E. Specialist (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape), Jessie Krebs has felt a strong connection with wild places since her childhood in Michigan.  After the military she pursued a BA in educational psychology, directed team building courses, and worked in wilderness therapy for over a decade.  She now runs a survival school based out of the Denver area and is enjoying teaching global survival skills to folks that actually want to learn them for a change!  A survivor of childhood abuse she finds the outdoors to be healing and empowering, and thus enjoys encouraging others to explore it safely and with confidence. 

In the last few years she’s been drawn into various media roles as a reality TV personality (History’s “ALONE: season 9” and National Geographic’s “Mygrations”) and online educator (MasterClass).  She recently opened a school based in Colorado (, which teaches the global survival and evasion techniques she learned and once taught in the military, to civilians with a focus on women and marginalized demographics.

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