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Letter from Outgoing President Kim Otis

30 Oct 2016 7:15 PM | Lisa Vaas (Administrator)

Note from current WO President Lisa Vaas: Apologies for the delay in publishing this letter, which Kim Otis was kind enough to write to us all a few months ago. We said it at the Gathering, and we'll say it again: Kim, you have worked so very hard for this organization. For 3 years, you lead us onwards and upwards. We will be forever grateful for all the things you accomplished in your tenure and how you motivated us all. We are sending you virtual hugs and thanks galore! Now, onto Kim's letter:

Letter from the Outgoing President:

Hello Friends, 

      I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our board members for their tremendous efforts in keeping this organization running.  Without the time, talent and dedication that these women put forth, Women Outdoors could not continue.

I'm delighted that we continue to find, motivate and inspire new members to step into the Board of Directors role and become the new leadership for our organization. These are the members who will continue to make our group thrive.

     I'm sure many of you are aware that 2016 was my third and last year as the President of Women Outdoors.  I was initially involved in the organization as a member  in 1994. I've been on the Board since 2008, first as a member at large and then as the President.  I would like you to see the progression of involvement  which is common for many of our Directors.  This (you) have become my community.

     It’s where I go to see familiar, friendly faces, and it’s where we come to find common objectives and goals.  We offer a valuable service to the women’s community. Our mission statement is inclusive of all women;  coming together in Women Outdoors gives us the opportunity to share activities and adventures in the outdoors.  We also act as environmental stewards, supporting conservation efforts and programs throughout our regions.

     You have an opportunity to contribute, to be the next leaders, to determine the direction of this organization. Every magazine issue, every discussion, every update to form or policy, every adjustment to the bylaws of the organization: they all start at the Board of Directors meetings.  Please participate. 

If you are interested, if you are concerned, come and join the leadership committee. We need your time, talent and efforts. We need your fresh ideas and enthusiasm.  We always have fun making it happen.

Please join us.

Fond Farewell,    

Kim Otis

Outgoing President (2013-2016)
Board of Directors  
Women Outdoors Inc.

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