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What a Great Gathering!!

01 Jun 2010 11:08 AM | Lisa Vaas (Administrator)
Lisa Vaas kayaking @ The 2010 GatheringTales of Louise Adie's elbow getting bumped by a Leopard Seal in Antarctica... Poetry written while floating in a kayak as diamonds of sun sparkle on the pond... Beth and Reba and I struggling, finally successful, as we help Arlene hoist herself back into her insanely buoyant kayak... Arelene's kayak itself, handmade from wood after six days of craftsmanship (craftswomanship??) ... songs sung and words spoken at Coffee House that are still ringing in my head... nighttime croquet and insatiable mosquitoes... car keys perched on the inside lip of an overturned, water-logged kayak hatch, moments from being washed to the bottom of Lake Goo...  the mere fact that we were once again back in our beloved home, Sargent Center, after a nail-biting year of wondering whether the change of management meant we'd have to find a new Gathering home...

What to write about first? Stay tuned! For now I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to all the wonderful women who made this happen. The wonderful workshop leaders, the Regional Contacts who took time out from fun to wrap their heads around learning the intricacies of this, our new Web site, WaterlilyKathleen Long and Sandy Zohari for their Web wizardry and tutoring efforts, Alice Sherard, Gathering Coordinator EXTRAORDINAIRE, Joanna Sharf, Workshop Coordinator SUPER DUPER, Anna deSousa, who womanned the registration desk all by herself (Let's help her out next year!!), Jane Rudden, our fabuloso president, who we will praise to the skies and thank as she plans to step down and pass on her mantle... yikes, I'm leaving so many out!!

That list leaves a ton of people out, but particularly it doesn't mention every single participant, each and every one of you who came and shared your wisdom, your energy and your spirit with us all. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our collective heart. You came, you participated, you matter to us, and we love you!

Mary Troy's Wildflower Walk @ The 2010 GatheringI'll be blogging about my experiences at this, our 2010 Gathering, but please, reach out and share with me your own. I'm happy to interview you, to post your thoughts or to somehow enable you to share with everybody your experiences. Unfortunately, at this point, we lack the resources to monitor comments, so that function is disabled on the site right now; instead, please e-mail me at specialevents@womenoutdoors.org.

Or hey, write about them yourself for your region's page so others can experience whatever unique thrills and chills and insights you took away from this weekend, and then just package it all up and send it over to Franny for printing in the newsletter.

Anyway, I hope you all made it home safe. Me, I ran over a boxspring going 70mph (me, not the boxspring!).

That and more stories to come!

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